We are the trusted business service providers to firms, corporate and business houses

BUSIPEX a fast growing multi-disciplinary business services company, headquartered in Chennai, the company has a Pan-India plan of 37 offices in various states. It serves over 250+ customers across segments namely Industries, IT Solutions, Retail, Distributions and Service Industries. We provide expertise services of Business Consulting, HR Recruitment, Branding, Training and Loans & Funding.

Our Values

Our values are delivered in our assignment

Our Strengths

We rely on our reach, experience and people to develop our extensive expertise.

The collective expertise, talent and experience of our team help us deliver lasting impact to our clients, provide our people with a wide array of choices and create opportunities for exceptional professional and personal growth. We leverage our strengths to deliver and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Approach

Our clients are prime focus in our approach

We bring a number of important advantages to clients. Specialized industry and functional expertise from senior management to junior consulting staff, our experts are dedicated to specific industries and functional areas. We ensure we know your business and tailor our approach accordingly.

Our Impact

We help our clients to achieve success in their respective field. Whether the challenge is to find new avenues of growth, optimize client relations, improve their business revenues, or inspire the organization to advocate innovative thinking, our clients have the confidence that we will make a real impact on their top and bottom lines.

Our expertise comes from decades of working with top leaders and organizations, our continuous investment in knowledge development and relationships, experience of various industries or sectors and the talent and experience of our people.